Monkey Bridge Arts 猿橋美術

Services Available

  • Creative Mentoring
  • Private and group classes and workshops
  • Visual arts – drawing, design, watercolor, book arts, Japanese paper arts
  • Commissions – Book Arts

Monkey Bridge Arts is the name of the center, which houses Sheila’s studio, classroom and office. In 1994, Sheila founded Monkey Bridge Arts while living in Japan. From the beginning Monkey Bridge has been a gathering place for people who love dreams, making art and exploring the relationship between healing, creativity, personal growth, and spiritual development.

The name Monkey Bridge comes from an image found in Asian art, folk stories and songs. It is said Monkey are so clever that they can link themselves together to form a living bridge, spanning even the deepest ravines. By grasping each other’s hands and feet, these monkeys are able to reach for goals that might other wise be impossible to accomplish on their own.

In the same way, when people come together in community to celebrate the creative spirit through the arts and dreaming, new ways of connecting with others and multiple levels of self naturally emerge.